Fotos von Leh Palace

Wood Work in Leh Palace von Simranpreet Singh Gill

Leh palace resembles Lhasa’s Potala Palace and stands in the midst of the mountains as an excellent example of medieval Tibetan architecture. The jutted out wooden balconies and the huge buttressed wall are the primary features of this architectural style. The walls of the palace being constructed with wood and mud helps keep the scorching heat away, thus creating a soothing and pleasant temperature inside. The entrance of the palace is decorated with wood carved figurines. Although the palace is in ruins, some small compartments, few spacious rooms and corridors still exist. The bigger rooms and corridors of the palace have been turned into exhibition halls. Some murals that managed to remain visible in the dilapidated walls of the palace depict the majestic grandeur of the past. One such remains is shown in the picture above. The roof made of woods can be seen supported by beautifully carved wooden pillars.
Leh Palace ist eine touristische Attraktion in Leh, Indien. Lesen Sie weiter
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